Changing the water in a FLUX laser

In this video I show you how to change the water in the coolant system in the FLUX lasers. I replace it in my Beamo, but the process is very similar for the Beambox and the Beambox Pro.

2k Instagram Followers Celebration

Recently I hit 2k followers on Instagram and instead of doing a traditional giveaway I’ve teamed up with FLUX and Ultimate 3D Printer Store to offer my followers a $100 coupon code for either the #beamo, #beambox or #beamboxpro lasers that I have here in my shop.

This offer is only valid in the US & Canada for two weeks (3/1-3/14/2020).
The coupon code for this discount is GLASS2020. Use it with the following referral links to get your $100 discount.

Beambox Pro:

I get nothing for this discount, I’m passing these savings on to you so you can enjoy these lasers as I do!