Southern Illinois Heart Walk

Help me to help others!

Memorial Day weekend of 2019 I suffered a “heart attack like” event which sent me to the Emergency Room. After a couple of days at Heartland Regional in Marion it was determined that I had 4 blockages in one of my main arteries that totaled 75% blocked. These could not be stetted, so I was immediately transferred up to St Louis University Hospital and within a few days I had a Cardiac Artery Bypass Graft 1 (CABG1). I am now several weeks past this major, life-changing surgery and recovering one day at a time. If it wasn’t for the awesome doctors and nurses I wouldn’t be here today.

To give back, I’m walking in the next event and I need your help! Any donation can help!

So let’s kick heart disease’s ass!

I urge everyone that reads this to do your heart some good and please make a donation today!